useful for:


useful for:

OOS monitoring

Brand Visibility

Promotion Efficiency

Customer Satisfaction

Better Planning

The Challenge

The retail execution software allows to monitor overall stock levels. But what about product stock on a particular shelve? And if the product is displayed in a couple of store locations – how to track stock in each of them? In addition, it is difficult to estimate restocking speeds without human intervention.

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EasyFlow Solution

The solution tracks:

  • SKU availability
  • Stock availability KPIs (Out-of-shelf)
  • Planogram compliance
  • Price tags compliance
  • Branding and promotion availability
  • Near Real time

The result

EasyFlow platform notifies when product on a particular shelve is running out of stock. The platform can automatically notify shop assistant to restock the shelve. In addition, EasyFlow can measure the restocking speed or the time it takes for a particular shelve to sell out. It enables more accurate business calculations. And the utilization of full EasyFlow retail solution suite ensures a better shopping experience for store customers.

Easyflow - video monitoring, data analysis, actionable insights.

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EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS on AWS marketplace

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