Store Visitor Analytics

Store Visitor Analytics: Visitor Count and Flow

The challenge

Online merchants are well informed about their audience. Analytic tools help to measure website visitor count, visitor flow, landing and exit pages, time on site and user demographics. They can also drill down on website user interface to maximise purchase conversion. With EasyFlow, brick-and-mortar retailers can enjoy equally insightful analytics.

EasyFlow solution

EasyFlow counts visitors to a walk-in store. Contrary to sensor based counters placed on entrance, the solution utilizes security video cameras to track the consumer throughout the retail space. It can identify the visitor flow trajectory. Additionally, it can also measure the time spent at a particular store section. The solution can identify store “cold-spots” and “hot-spots” and assist in inventory layout planning to maximise sales. Furthermore the solution recognizes male and female customers as well as different age groups.

The result

From anonymity to familiarity – the solution enables retailer to better understand the customers and improve the physical store interface. Visitor flow trajectories are represented in spaghetti diagrams and can be filtered by time and date, visitor age group and gender. Analytical data is provided in the similar fashion every online merchant is well accustomed to.

EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS. Learn more about our models on:

EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS on AWS marketplace