Picklist Assistant

The Challenge

Self-checkout counters are a part of the contemporary retail landscape, with more than 400.000 machines deployed around the globe. Yet technology is not perfect. Aimed to create a frictionless checkout experience, they still require human supervision in many transactions. Equipped to deal with clearly labeled packaged goods, they require additional customer effort for transactions with unwrapped products such as fruit and vegetables. The additional actions on the customer side result in longer checkout times, mis-scanned items and checkout fraud.

The Solution

According to research, up to 65% of grocery shopping carts include at least one unwrapped product. The customer has to manually select the appropriate item from the POS menu picklist. This may result in unintentional item mis-scanning (such as picking a McIntosh apple vs an Empire one) or intentional checkout fraud (like labeling avocados as cucumbers).

EasyFlow Picklist assistant automatically identifies wrapped and unwrapped products placed on the self-checkout counter and displays the appropriate item in the POS display eliminating the need for manual item selection. The platform employs the video feed from POS platform and utilizes computer vision technology for object recognition. EasyFlow Picklist assistant software is platform agnostic and can be integrated with a variety of POS hardware without additional IT infrastructure costs.

The Result

EasyFlow Picklist assistant reduces checkout time per customer. Additionally, the software reduces the human supervision resources required for self-checkout operations.

Picklist assistant is a prime tool to reduce mis-scanned items and checkout fraud, which occurs at a higher rate at the self-checkout counters.

Most importantly, picklist assistant makes the shopping experience smoother. Many shoppers are still wary of self-checkout registers. By eliminating manual product selection, the picklist assistant brings self-checkout a step closer to a frictionless checkout experience.

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EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS on AWS marketplace