Fire, Smoke and Leak Detection

Fire, Smoke and Leak Detection: Maximizing on-site Safety

The challenge

Safety comes first. In addition to traditional risk management measures, gas station operators can complement their safety protocol by harnessing video analysis for constant monitoring of the premises.

EasyFlow solution

EasyFlow provides uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring and video analysis. The solution can detect fire, smoke or gas leaks before other measures (for instance, smoke detectors). The solution can also identify potentially unsafe behavior (such as smoking on premises) which can lead to accidents.

The result

In high-risk situations every second counts. By utilizing on site security cameras EasyFlow provides an additional layer for operational safety. The solution can automatically notify on site security officer about potentially hazardous events and store the records for further incident analysis.

EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS. Learn more about our models on:

EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS on AWS marketplace