Face Masking

Face Masking: GDPR Compliance in Video Surveillance

The challenge

Everyday security cameras capture millions of hours of video footage data. With GDPR privacy rules coming into effect in the European Union, companies now have extra privacy requirements when monitoring their premises. For instance, when providing security footage for law enforcement agencies it is the responsibility of data provider to ensure that irrelevant subjects captured in video are anonymized (only the subject in question should be identifiable). Stricter regulations also apply to workplace monitoring or when security cameras capture video outside of company premises.

EasyFlow solution

EasyFlow AI Face Masking solution automatically blurs the faces of human subjects captured in surveillance video, leaving only the particular subject identifiable. The solution is relevant when complying with requests of law enforcement agencies to provide data; furthermore, it anonymizes all irrelevant subjects if a client requests all data where his identity is identifiable. The solution can also mask only a particular face (applicable for workplace monitoring). If surveillance cameras capture an area outside of company premises, such area can be automatically blurred out without requiring to replace or adjust video monitoring cameras.

The result

EasyFlow Face Masking solution is fully compliant with EU GDPR requirements, enabling companies to effortlessly comply with requests for video data. Contrary to other solutions available on the market, EasyFlow does not charge per video duration processed, the solution is configured to fit particular client needs, it is integrated into existing company security software framework. The solution is available as part of EasyFlow Computer Vision suite or as a stand-alone solution with a flat-rate monthly fee making it the only commercially viable solution

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EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS on AWS marketplace