Always In-Stock

Always In-Stock: Shelf Monitoring Solution

The challenge

The retail execution software allows to monitor overall stock levels. But what about product stock on a particular shelve? And if the product is displayed in a couple of store locations – how to track stock in each of them? In addition, it is difficult to estimate restocking speeds without human intervention.

EasyFlow solution

By utilizing security and smart video cameras, EasyFlow can track product stock levels on a particular shelve. The solution tracks if the physical appearance of products is consistent (also identifying the ones broken or with damaged packaging). Furthermore, it measures stock levels throughout the day and inventory restocking speed.

The result

The solution complements traditional retail execution software by allowing to track inventory stock on a shelve level. Plus, shop assistants can preventively remove the damaged products from in-store displays.

EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS. Learn more about our models on:

EasyFlow solutions can be also deployed via cloud SaaS on AWS marketplace